LiveStreet CMS is a great tool to create social networks and team blogs

Download LiveStreet
Go to demo version
Version 2.0.1


If for any reason you could not do an automatic installation, you can install it manually.

Installation Steps:
  1. Download the LiveStreet and copy it to the desired directory
  2. Execute a dump in the SQL database /install/sql.sql and /install/geo_base.sql, having created a database before, or using your current one
  3. Rename the file /config/config.local.php.dist into /config/config.local.php
  4. Configure database settings in the file /config/config.local.php
  5. Remove the directory /install/
  6. If it is necessary, change the default settings of config /config/config.php. It is recommended to override these settings in the file config.local.php